H Double-T P

H Double-T P is a hack of Apple’s Google widget.

Personally, I don’t really need a widget to search Google. My browser has a search box in the upper right corner. So, having a widget to search google didn’t save me enough clicks to be of help.

If I am in another application and my web browser is not open, invoking dashboard and entering a web address does save me quite a few clicks.

So, I hacked Apple’s Google widget, ran its face through ImageReady and wound up with H Double-T P.

Simply put, this widget let’s the user enter a web address (without the http :// ) and it will open the page in the user’s default browser even if the browser was not already open.

If there is enough interest in this widget, I will rebuild it with the following features:

  • opening a URL
  • searching for a specified term
  • choosing what search engine to use

Since H Double-T P is a hack of Apple’s widget, I am not currently putting it under an opensource license. If I do rebuild it with all of my own work, the widget will be opensourced.

Click here to download

(This widget requires either Mac OS X 10.4.x or Amnesty Browser to run)

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