Iridium v1.7.1 – get it while it’s hot!

Here are the current versions of Iridium:

Currently, Iridium is still PPC only. This is because ThemePark cannot read the Extras2.rsrc file unique to the new Intel-based Macintoshes. I suspect that this is due to OS design and not a failure in ThemePark. Hopefully, I am wrong and there will be an update to that application shortly.

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  1. No, the Endian difference accounts for the second Extras file (Extras2.rsrc). When I try and open it in ThemePark, it shows me the names of all of the images, and the ppats are there, but the images cannot be seen or editted. So, that is what leads me to believe that the problem is NOT with ThemePark, but that the images themselves are locked.
    Steven at 01/31/2006 08:59:16 pm

  2. I’ve heard that there are a few out there. When I find a link I will post one here. The reason I never built one is because I use Safari and Camino. Both of which are already skinned by Iridium.
    Steven at 02/07/2006 06:03:22 am

  3. When I first installed Iridium, I used ThemeChanger. Ever since, my “spinning rainbow” has had rough edges. I’d hoped it might get fixed when I reinstalled Iridium using the stand-alone installer, but no luck. Did the ugly spinning rainbow come from ThemeChanger? Or Iridium? I like Iridium, and it has caused me no problems, but I’d like to restore Apple’s spinning rainbow. I hate watching it enough when it looks good; it’s almost intolerable looking bad!
    Ann Randall at 02/11/2006 03:43:17 pm

  4. Iridium does not modify the cursor icons at all. I am guessing that you have a very low color depth specified. Can you go to System Preferences and choose Displays and set your color depth higher and tell me if it’s gone?
    Steven at 02/11/2006 03:50:08 pm

  5. I know this is very early to ask. But does anyone has some experience with iridium running on 10.4.5. Is the 10.4.4 version compatible?
    Steve at 02/15/2006 09:25:36 am

  6. If you currently have Iridium installed, then the 10.4.5 update is fine. I updated the installer to work for 10.4.5 and made it the v1.7.2 download 🙂
    Steven at 02/15/2006 10:59:15 am

  7. Hi – iridium is great. Been using it for a while now. But I just update to 1.7.2 and now my menu bar has a slightly darker grey line running down the center of it. Is this intentional? Can I get rid of it?? It just makes it look wrong. This is on OS X 10.4.5. Thanks.
    michael at 02/15/2006 12:52:04 pm

  8. Have you restarted since the install? Are you running any other menu modifying programs? The menu code is the same as 1.7.1, so I can’t imagine it causing a difference.
    Steven at 02/15/2006 02:02:29 pm

  9. I just restarted again to make sure and yeah it’s still there. I’m not running any other mod programs. I can send you a screenshot of the menubar if you want.
    michael at 02/15/2006 03:11:25 pm

  10. Michael, can you check to make sure your screen depth didn’t accidentally get set low by another program? I helped someone track down a similar bug once and it turned out that some other program made their screen go to 256 colors.
    Steven at 02/15/2006 03:22:11 pm

  11. No. Just checked and it’s millions of colors. If I’m the only one having the problem then who knows what it is.
    michael at 02/15/2006 04:06:05 pm

  12. Okay Michael. Here is my suggestion. Use the Uninstall from iridium. Reboot your computer. See if everything looks “normal”. Repair permissions. Then install iridium again. You’re right. You are the only one reporting problems. But, I still want to help if I can.
    Steven at 02/15/2006 04:09:46 pm

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