Recent Developments & Roadblocks

I’ve been a busy little techie recently. My writing has suffered for it. I’ve been preoccupied with rebuilding both this site and Iridium. When Apple updated MacOSX to 10.4.4, it had the side effect of uninstalling Iridium. This is because Apple made changes to one of the core files in Iridium Extras.rsrc

My best guess is that the changes were related to Rosetta  the way the new Intel Macs access programs written for the older PPC machines, since there do not seem to be any changes to the image resources in the file. Reinstalling Iridium works fine on PPC machines, but I took the occasion to rebuild Iridium against a 10.4.4 Extras.rsrc anyway. I am double checking that I didn’t miss anything before releasing it, but expect v1.7.1 soon.

I have also been working on rebuilding Iridium for Intel Macs. And, the initial prognosis is not very good. It seems that ThemePark cannot read Extras2.rsrc (the file I need to theme for Intel Macs). It looks to me like the image resources are encrypted (possibly using something like DRM to keep people from copying System files onto non-apple machines). But, when I spoke to someone connected to ThemePark, they implied that I might be wrong on this one.

There’s nothing I can do except wait… *sigh*

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