On Iridium and Intel-based Macs

I am currently seeking assistance from legal owners of Intel-based Macs.

In it’s current form, Iridium will successfully skin any application running under Rosetta, but not native applications on the much anticipated Intel-based macs to be released in 2006.

This is because my edits change mostly image resources in the Extras.rsrc file while due to Endian differences Intel-based macs make calls to Extras2.rsrc (which does not exist on my G4).

While it is possible that Apple may include Extras2.rsrc for all macs in future 10.4.x updates, I would greatly appreciate the assistance of anyone with legal access to an Intel Development Box, so I can spend some time building Iridium for x86 before the actual machines are released.

A word of warning: Do NOT simply try renaming Extras.rsrc to Extras2.rsrc. Due to Endian differences between the two architectures, trying this will render your machine unusable. Non-image resources in the Extras2.rsrc file are processor specific.

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