Closing in on v1.6.5

So, I know that only a few days ago I thought Iridium was almost over. And, I did not see anything left to theme. Well, of course, that did not last long. The current beta themes all of the drawers properly. Then, as a change of pace, I turned my attention to the installer program. I have integrated the backup into the installer. If no backup is detected, it now makes one for you. If you have a pre-existig backup, it skips this step.I can’t wait until ThemeChanger v1.0 comes out! When that happens, I will simply release Iridium as a ThemeChanger file and depreciate my installer. Supposedly, ShapeShifter can handle DLTA files too, so people who use that program should not be disappointed.

I find ThemeChanger exciting because it is an Opensource piece of software that themes the computer without slowing it down. ShapeShifter can handle much more complicated themes, but it does its work at run-time and can really bog down your machine.

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