Or, did I speak too soon?

I am readying Iridium v1.6.4 for release. It is no where near as aggressive of a change as I was toying with in the betas. The new release will fix the metal drawers that appear in apps like iChat and iCal, remove (what I hope to be) the last stripes in the OS, and it fixes a mistake in v1.6.3. I had meant to have Iridium’s Spotlight icon in Iridium Hydroxide too. I posted v1.6.3 without it by mistake. My spotlight icon feels more balanced on the menu than Apple’s does.

The Apple on the left is in the superior position, so there is no need to make the icon on the right edge have less visual importance. Often, I am surprised how much stage/set design translates to web and gui design.

One thing I forget, if you read a language that progresses from right to left, are these rules reversed?

So, screenshots of Iridium running in Hebrew (for example) would be greatly appreciated.

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