Proper Care and Feeding of Conspiracy Theorists

How long will it take for people to realize that the only conspiracy is the persistence of conspiracy theories?

Devising and propagating conspiracy theories diverts some really profoundly intelligent people from looking at what is going on in front of them. Instead, they waste their time forcing connections between obscure and questionable dots.

When you encounter a person with a conspiracy theory, acknowledge it politely, and try to redirect the person to a real issue they can actually have an effect upon. If they persist and stay focused on what they call the big picture, remind them that the best way to incite change is to demonstrate change to those around them.

Since they can best show results by focusing upon things that they have previously chosen to overlook, it may take them a while to see the truth in this. So, I implore you all, meet them with patience and over time these wondrous deductive minds will become part of the solution.

After all, many of them can’t see that their current behavior is part of the problem.

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