It wasn’t Mabel’s fault. Really, it wasn’t.

For as long as she could remember, her father had been ill. So, of course, her mother, a truly intelligent and resourceful woman, had taken any job she could find. After all, someone needed to take care of Father, Mabel, and little Andrew.

So it really had nothing to do with Mabel when her mother applied for the openning as teacher of the school, no matter what the other chidren thought. Mrs. Ketterley had applied because she knew she could do the job, and do it well. She was intelligent and she didn’t care who knew it.

Mabel was smart too. And, she didn’t use to care about it at all, but her mother’s new position had changed all that. After all, it’s one thing to take a bit of teasing at being a teacher’s pet, but it was quite another to be both pet and daughter.

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  1. Hi; i just recently read “The Magician’s Nephew”. I think it’s a good idea to try to write a prequel for “The Narnia Chronicles>”
    Roland at 02/17/2006 02:34:08 pm

  2. Olivia and I have spoken our way completely through the story. It seems to be taking a long time getting it committed to paper though. Encouragement always lights a flame under me, so maybe I can get a bit more of this posted this week.
    Steven at 02/20/2006 09:44:10 am

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