thinking like a designer (not a geek)

Daniel Glazman is doing us all a favor. He has offered to head up maintaining Mozilla Composer development.

Looking at the browsers that come to this site, I know that most of you already know about alternative browsers. The logs here mention Safari, OmniWeb, Konqueror, Camino, Galeon, and a myriad of other browsers far more often than they mention Internet Explorer.

I also know that many of you are not the uber-geeks that people usually think of when people talk about open source software. Many of you are designers, with friends like me, who have shown you what you can do if you simply prefer well written software to what Microsoft forces on you.

Well, back to Composer… Right now, I am able to go to any web page and say “hmmm… I wonder how they coded that?” and because my web browser has a web page editor built in, I can open the page and examine its code. I can use this program to learn to be a better designer.

Also, using the same program, instead of writing little bits of gobble-de-gook code all the time, I can drag a picture there, bold a letter there, and so on just like I am using a word processor. In short, Mozilla Composer has been a great time saver for me and many other people.

And, this program is free! It writes great code AND its free! We need to support projects like this in any way we can. I wind up volunteering time writing documentation usually. But, if that is beyond what you feel you can do, there is one thing you can do that will benefit both you AND the Open Source Software community…


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