dreaming of electronic sheep

I was looking at my friend Andrew’s site. And, I read that post of his about a mechanical hippocampus. And the fact that it was implanted successfully back into a living organism.

It so brings the ethics of defining sentience to mind. I buy that we are not this crude matter, but how is our carbon body tied to our innate luminescence? How much can we append? dillute? substitute? before we are no longer ourselves.

Darth Vader or Nick Chopper? Which is it? Where is the line?

Is there a line? Are my thoughts limited by searching for a boundary?

I have touched a tree and a stone and felt its presence. I have patted a car on the dashboard and asked her to please make it over a hill, but did I really feel [her? it?] there? Was I externalizing?

I just don’t know.

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