why b2evolution instead of WordPress

As I mentioned to Matt in the other post, I am detailing why I wound up with b2evolution instead of WordPress. Let me make it clear first, that there was only 1 deciding factor for me between the 2 (simplicity of upgrade). I did not make my choice over features or anything else. I really like b2. For me, it just worked. And, I had spent a lot of time getting it to work right. So, all I wanted was something that I could drop in and it would just take over where b2 left off.

After reading the documentation on both sites, I decided that WordPress had better documentation and it seemed that it would be the easier upgrade. In the support forums and documentation for WordPress, it says that I should be able to upgrade from the latest b2 simply by overwriting my b2 directory and configuring the name, password, and database settings. That was why I downloaded it first. Also, WordPress was listed as the official successor to b2. And, that gave me more confidence in the product. I followed the instructions as written in the readme file (yes, I did in fact RTFM) and when I was done. The site was broken and it no longer accessed the database properly. I wound up reinstalling b2. And when that was done, the site was back.

I could have tried installing WordPress in a test folder and seeing if it worked, but that was not the method in the README. So, since I had given WordPress a try, I now decided that it was b2evolution’s turn. Again, I read the readme files. Again, I consulted the forums on their site. Their site said to install it in a new folder and choose the upgrade from b2 option in their automated set up. It also said, that by following this method, you COULD NOT break your current b2 page. So, I had nothing to lose.

Five minutes later, I had a working install of b2evolution. In a few hours, I had built my own skin. That was it.

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