working against time

About a month and a half without a post… sorry about that. I do realize that probably cost me some readers. Hopefully, I will be able to get you back. Just give me a chance.

Lots of stuff, lots of changes. Some big, some small. Hey, let’s start here. Keep absolutely everyone you know away from Learning Strategies. They owe me $4375. They owe friends of mine upward of $20,000. Feel free to call them at 877-287-5137 and complain that they don’t pay their employees even though they have a contract. Lay it on as thick as you can. Get indignant, be pissed off, let out some anger, make all of us that got screwed over by Delores Evans feel a bit happier. That said, I am back out here in Western Massachusetts without enough work to really support myself. The job market out here is really tight (that was why I went to Boston in the first place) and I do not want to move again. If I have to move, I will accept it. But, I would rather be as close to where I am now as possible. Co-parenting is so much easier when you are only 17 miles apart.

Liv tore my heart out when she said to me, ” I only see you for two days and one.” When I asked why 2 days and 1 was not 3 days, she explained, “because we drive the other day.” That just got to me.

So, now I simply have to “snap out of it” and make a living no matter what. Selling my writing… oh that’s scary. I hate it so. At least with a play, it feels different. I write it all out and a group of people built their art atop my pedestal. But, fiction and articles, that’s a whole different ball game. I have to get over that aversion right now. From this moment onward, things just have to be different. There is no other option.

Hey, next month I will be posting pictures from a lighting design I will be doing in New York for a show about CuChulainn. The script looks great. I am already getting ideas. Of course they will be tempered by the reality of shoestring theatre. No money designs are so so so much fun.

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  1. Hi my name is Yolanda Spencer, I worked for Delores Evans in 2003 2004, i have never been paid i will like to contac other thar are in the same situation.
    Yolanda Spencer at 08/18/2006 05:19:24 pm

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