I just sat down and played Angel from Montgomery. And, I uploaded it to my site. Sorry about the hum. I am not really set up to do sound recording from here. I don’t know what causes that hum. Maybe I just have a cheap microphone.
biorueThen I sat down and watched some TV. Yes, I know that is not usually something that I do. But, tonight, there were two things that got me to the tube. One was hearing people talk about John Ritter and watching some of his last work before he died. Now, I am not saying he was a great actor or anything. But, believe it or not, I wrote a paper analyzing Three’s Company as French Farce once. I got an A on it. And, whenever I have seen him in a movie, I always enjoyed myself. If you have never seen Noises Off! go see it right now! He is brilliant. So are Carol Burnette, Christopher Reeve, and Michael Caine. The other thing that got me to the TV tonight was the lady in the picture — Sara Rue. It’s been a long time since I have had a crush on an actress — sigh…

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