kill me?

I would love to tell you all about my day, but, I’m afraid that if I gave out details someone might show up threatening to cast my feet in digital cement and push me into the East River. (Yep, I know my Brooklyn roots are showing.) Some days are just like that.

I feel like I have been writing about things that feel a bit alien, so when I was out for a walk today, I was trying to let more familiar themes penetrate and see if there were any stories that felt right. (mantra: Write what you know) I have the feeling that there is this story about a single father that is having a hard time adjusting back to the single half of that designation. And this story feels like a screenplay. For some reason, Scott Bakula comes to mind on this project. I don’t know why yet. More on that later.

Hey, I was able to put a picture in this thang! Wow that was cool! Maybe I should do more of that! Hee hee….

Feeling a bit punchy now, more later…

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