Upgrades again?

You probably noticed that the News pages have a new look. Yes, I did upgrade again. At first, I tried to get my old blog program to run remotely. I had the idea that if I could get it to run on the server, then I could log in from anywhere and update my journal. But, when that didn’t work… (and I realized that my experiments broke my site) I stumbled on an even easier program. And, I am typing to you from it right now. After a bit of playing around with the template, I got it to fit in with the rest of my site. there was one dumb error. For some reason, the SMALL tag isn’t working in the news pages. So, I told it to render 10 point font. Let me know if this looks strange from your browser.

It looked fine to me in Konqueror. And, everyone on Safari or Mozilla didn’t see a problem either. Believe it or not IE was broken. And, since most of my friends don’t use IE, it took me a while to see the problem myself. I actually caught it when I was teaching a class. Because, I have to be in windows to teach a class (the software is not available in Linux). Some Linux guru got the teacher application to boot in Wine, but most of the features break. And, believe it or not, you can’t use the microphone function when using VMware. So, I have to dual boot for class. Sigh…

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