stress and release

From no job, to a full blown emergency that had to be done — yesterday! And, staying up all night! and trying to explain tech problems to non-tech-laymen… to first pay check, and rest.

Whew! No wonder I had a hellish headache. Followed by the strangest experience…

Last night, I felt as if my consciousness was 3 steps to the left of my body. I wish I could explain it better. But, those are the only words to it. Literally, I felt beside myself. The dreams that followed were also strangely real. And, all were bits of my personal history. My last words to my father. My hardest, loneliest day — when Jennifer and I broke up and no one was around to help me pick up the pieces. Passing on words from my friend Shari’s recently passed on mother. The day I talked myself out of running away from home. The day I gave Sarah the letter which was the end of our relationship.

I woke this morning feeling fine. But, the odd thing for me today is that all of those dreams are still very clear in my mind.

Truly odd.

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