My grandmother, Bella Greenfield Cohen, died at 2am on Sunday, September 7th. I found out later that morning. Olivia and I bought some round bread and found a bridge over a moving body of water. We talked about wishes and memories of Great Grandma Bella and after each one, we cast a piece of the bread upon the water.

It was interesting to share that moment with my daughter. There were questions as to why we were doing what we did. I explained that the bridge connected one place and the next and that Grandma’s spirit was traveling between places so a bridge felt like the right place to do our work. And, I told her that our memories and wishes in the bread, would be eaten by the fish and ducks on the river, so in a way we were feeding life with the memories of Grandma’s life.

She liked that explanation.

I am okay. It’s taking me some time to really feel her passing. Very old memories are slowly coming to the surface. Mostly, they are from long ago. When I was not much older than my daughter.

Now is not a time to be stuck in sadness for me. I want to kindle those old memories in my here and now and send their warmth off with Grandma.

Rest in peace.

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