playing catch-up

It’s been a while, I know. In fact, part of the reason for this post is because quite few people seem to be checking in on what’s going on in my life by reading this page, so here goes.

I was offered more work from the online teaching place. Now, I am their Curriculum and Technology Integration Specialist (gotta love that title). So, once the regular pay checks start up, I’ll be fine monetarily. Right now, money is tight though. And, it will probably stay that way through the end of September, but by then, things will be fine.

That said, I am going to be selling off some stuff on ebay to make ends meet. So, any help you can offer in bidding-up the prices would be appreciated.

I am also after a few paying web contracts. So, I may be calling some of you if I need to contract out anything to get it done fast. As always, when I start things like this, some really fun projects (that may not show a profit for a while) tend to come up. The most fun one yet may be an online radio drama project. I miss theatre, and I love doing radio drama. So, I may wind up doing this one even if it never produces a cent.

And, my apartment is *gasp* clean, believe it or not! Yes, I did finally stop procrastinating and straighten up around here. So, now there are no piles of papers or pizza boxes to trip over.

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