411 hits per day

Wow again! Now I am up to 411 hits per day. And, after pouring over the usage log, I am finding that most people seem to be hitting the picture gallery right now. And most of those pics are old. Okay, I guess its time to brush off the camera and take to the streets again.

Some people have asked why I am not hosting the gallery on my own server. Well, there are two reasons. Fotopic has a lot of great services already set up on their server, and I don’t know if I want to put all the time and effort into trying to copy them, when they do what they do so well.

My daughter and I are off to the beach tomorrow. I caught the weather this morning and it may be the only time this summer left to do it. Sounds like fall gets to Northampton bright and early on Saturday. I had fun yesterday playing guitar out in Pulaski Park. Lots of people stopping by, lots of kids asking me to play Raffi music… Maybe, I’ll do it again today.

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