361 per day

Okay, I am just blown away. I just checked the Webalizer log and found out that I am averaging 361 visitors a day. A large chunk of that are people downloading my linux color schemes and wallpapers, but an almost equally large chunk are people reading my poems.


I wasn’t even considering this site really finished and functional yet. I have so much more of my stuff sitting in files on my harddrive or in old notebooks on my shelf. I guess I had better get moving and get those files online.

Yesterday, I finished the introduction to a piece that I have been writing for years. It is an Arthurian story focusing upon the relationship between Percival and Gawain. There is a lot that would point to Percival being the lost son of Gawain and Lady Ragnell. And, if you take the Excalibur-ized version of the story that has Percival as Launcelot’s squire as a starting point, then Percival had a lot of time around Court alone while Launcelot was off with Guinevere. How did he grow to become the Grail winner? Who could he have learned from?

For years, I have had little bits of this story, all unconnected, but yesterday saw the moment of filling in the last major blank spot. I think there is enough of this manuscript to start shopping it around. Maybe I will be posting it soon.

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