reality check

Okay, so I was served a major bit of reality the day before yesterday. I walked in to that new job. I met everyone. And, I was shown the ropes. I didn’t talk much. I listened… hoping to really learn what the place was all about.

I learned two things:

1. Although the management there say they are happy, they run around completely stressed out. They are consistently worried. They talk really fast (and that was without caffeine).

2. The bulk of my job was NOT going to be developing curricula. I would choose from a long list of pre-made lessons and match students with teachers and meet with parents to tell them how their children were doing, but I would not be developing much of anything at all.

3. I was given a computer that was barely capable of windoze 95 that crashes more often than it runs from which I was expected to maintain student records in a FoxPro database! Yeesh!

So, as you probably have figured out by now, I did not take the job. I went in yesterday and told them that I had made a terrible mistake. And, if they had any need of part-time teachers, I would feel much more suited for that kind of work.

Well, back to the online teaching thang!

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